June 21, 2018

Honor Your Courage

When we put ourselves, body and soul, into a relationship it is an investment in life, the future, our own happiness. When what seemed to be “the relationship” does not work out as we hoped, it takes guts to get out of it, and it takes guts to get out there and try again. ♥ […]

From Friend to Lover—A Great Path to Successful Romance

Rebecca knew when she first met Todd that she was attracted to him, but she tucked that away because he was unavailable. They worked together nights at a high-end restaurant in St. Augustine, FL, and became good friends. They could make each other laugh, and the banter helped slow nights go faster. They had long […]

How to Ditch Emotional Baggage Once and For All Part I

If there were a lot of ugly, heavy stuff in a giant suitcase and it was useless to you in every way, would you schlep that suitcase everywhere you went? In the shower, to bed, through the mall, on your after-dinner walk? The answer: no. Not only would doing so be counter to your best […]

Why Emotional Security is #1 in a Relationship

My client Virginia originally called me to help her navigate a difficult relationship. She loved Pat so much it was painful. The problem was, it actually was painful. She never knew when he was going to pull the rug out from under her. One day he was understanding and supportive, telling her how much he […]