June 24, 2018

Question: Why can’t I just walk away like I have in other relationships?

  I have been in a relationship for six years. No matter how many times he lies and leaves me for other women I continue to see him and always take him back. We are great when we are together but even though I know he will cheat again, I still want him. So I […]

Is Your Partner Cheating? — How to Have that Conversation

Over the past two weeks, we’ve covered the signs of cheating and the reasons some people cheat. Now you are at the point that you are pretty darned sure your partner is having an affair. This is difficult to wrap your brain around. Until people experience it, few can understand how painful it is to […]

Honestly? Telling Lies Hurts (Everybody)

People lie constantly.  Especially if you include in your tally the most common lie of all:  “I’m fine.”  As much of a social lubricant as this lie is, it represents an essential fact.  People don’t want to reveal… too much. We learn to lie in childhood.  Saying “sorry” when we are not, saying what others […]