May 21, 2018

Who Are You? Connecting with Your Intrinsic Self (Part II)

The truth of who you are is inevitably beautiful, and living in alignment with that truth feels so good. There is no pretense required. You don’t have to psych yourself up to interact with this or that person, because you are simply you in every moment… and being you is effortless. It’s when we live […]

To Ex or not to Ex? Is it a Good Idea to Try Again?

♥  Veronica had recently split from her husband when a blast from the past knocked her for a loop. A guy she’d once been head over heels in love with reappeared in her life via Facebook…and he wanted to connect. Friendly-like. Last time, Vincent had left her rather suddenly and unkindly, despite what Veronica thought […]

Forgiveness—Divine Release

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.”  A quotation probably more famous than the man who first said it, English poet Alexander Pope.  You may well have not heard of him, but you have probably heard his words. Screwing up (to err, in other words) is human indeed.  We are all flawed human beings.  In […]

8 Steps for Getting Over Your Ex

There are many possible break-up scenarios and a range of complex emotions that go along with any of them. Do any of the following sound familiar? Possible break-up scenarios: She dumped you. You ran for your life. You both agreed to move on. He disappeared. And so on. Or these possible post-break up feelings? Your […]