June 21, 2018

Bon Voyage! Taking Your First Trip Together

It’s summertime. For many, thoughts turn to vacation time, and ways to enjoy the good weather and long hours of daylight. If you’ve been dating awhile but have not taken a trip together, maybe it’s time to explore some new destinations as a couple. Planning and embarking on a vacation together is exciting. Don’t let […]

How to Change Your Dating Experience for the Better

By the time Dave came to me for help, he was convinced that loneliness and disappointment were his destiny. He was deeply demoralized. So much so that he was determined to prove me wrong when I told him there was a way to turn things around and find dating success. I asked him, “Do you […]

The Art of Re-framing Your Beliefs

On paper, Naomi had a lot going for her. Smart and well-educated, a college professor, Naomi has a quick wit. She made me laugh the first time we met. She is tall and athletic, attractive and, when she wants to be, quite stylish. Her best friend talked her into hiring me as a dating coach. […]

The Art of Being in Sync

Synchronicity. When two things—or in our case, people—work in perfect rhythm with each other. When you are synced with your partner you are fully present with that person – mind, body, spirit. ✓  You can walk side by side—somehow your footsteps match up… even though he’s 5 inches taller. ✓  You can finish each other’s […]