June 24, 2018

Who Are You? Connecting with Your Intrinsic Self (Part II)

The truth of who you are is inevitably beautiful, and living in alignment with that truth feels so good. There is no pretense required. You don’t have to psych yourself up to interact with this or that person, because you are simply you in every moment… and being you is effortless. It’s when we live […]

Who Are You? Connecting with Your Intrinsic Self (Part I)

When we are born, we have no self-awareness. The world is pure sensation. When we become aware, it is of our mother. Mother and child are experienced as one until, in time, a sense of being two separate entities develops—quite naturally—as the baby grows. A healthy baby’s first reaction to that awareness is usually one […]

Look Up–You Don’t Want to Miss It!

You may be curious about what I meant in my title by “you don’t want to miss it….” “Miss what,” you ask? Anything! Everything! Great shoes on sale. A cloud in the shape of a giraffe. The love of your life. There’s a hilarious meme that swept social media recently. It’s a photo of a […]

Relationship with a Narcissist? Shut it Down (Here’s Why)

My client, Jacqueline, had a sad story to tell me when we first met. She had been in a relationship with—she was firm on this point—the love of her life, when suddenly she was tossed aside. Her devastation was complete and the trauma tapped into her primal abandonment wound. As we talked, over the next […]

Hello, did you hear me?—How to Be an Active Listener

Have you ever said these words to someone: “Did you hear a single word I said?” Or… has anyone said that to you? It isn’t always easy to be 100% present in every moment of our lives. We have so much pulling at us and most Americans pride themselves at being successful multi-taskers. But there […]