June 20, 2018

Focus on the Connection, not the Outcome

Today—this moment—is a given. You know it’s real because it is happening. You can understand what it means to you. You can see its value and cherish the feelings it evokes. What will happen tomorrow, or next week, or ten years from now is not so definite. If you don’t learn the lessons of today, […]

Be You—How Caitlyn Jenner Has a Lesson for All of Us

This week’s blog is from guest blogger, Vanessa Park, a brilliant writer and editor with her own business, VKP Editing. She has clients all over the country for whom she ghost writes, edits, and consults. Vanessa also writes her own personal blog, Spiralwoman.com. Imagine loving someone enough to marry him, or her. And yet every […]

Dating and Deception Do NOT Go Together

You were 30 years old… not too long ago. Can you tell people you’re 30? You plan to start running any day soon. Can you put running as a hobby in your eHarmony profile? Your driver’s license says 190 lbs. So it’s kind of true, right? Even though that was fifteen pounds ago? These seem […]