August 17, 2018

Ask Betty – The LOVING LIFE

THE LOVING LIFE is where YOU ask Betty a relationship question. Any question at all… and get free advice from a leading expert on relationships and dating!

Your question will help others. If you have struggled with relationships, or have worries or doubts about how to succeed at love, or long for advice about how to find romance—so do thousands of others.

You ask. Betty responds. The ripple effect begins.

 Here’s how The Loving Life on BeFreeToLove works…

  • Each week, Betty will select and personally respond to one question received via the form below.
  • On Thursday, Betty’s response will be delivered in an email broadcast to all of her subscribers, as well as being posted on the blog. Her advice, based on vast experience with hundreds of clients, will reach everyone who needs it!
  • Your question will be posted, but you can remain anonymous if you wish.
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