April 24, 2018

Dating tips to Jumpstart 2014


Hello all you singles out in cyberspace. Looking forward to the new year and all the fresh opportunities to meet new people? No? Why not? Oh, maybe you’re feeling a little worn out with the whole process. 2013 is getting old, and so are some of the old photos on your dating profile, or strategies that are just not working but that seem too hard to upgrade.

Do not despair. It is never too late to breathe a little life into your dating experience. Here are five tips to get you motivated.

  1. Update your online dating profile. Spiff it up, and get excited about the person you are revealing to the world. For example:

  • Re-write your headline with the “had me at hello” effect in mind. First impressions matter. It’s that instant gut reaction that will entice someone to read your profile…or not.
  • Revise your description. Infuse it with new life by being sure that it truly conveys what sets you apart from the crowd. Be confident and fun. As with any good writing, the first sentence needs to be an attention grabber.
  • Add new pics. Get rid of any that no longer seem to reflect you accurately. Remember, people are visual creatures. Your photos are important and give texture and honesty to your profile.

  2. Check out different online dating sites. Don’t be a stick-in-the-mud. There are thousands of sites available. They are based on everything from age to activities to religious affiliations. I advise joining one general site and at least one specific site. People interested in a particular interest or attribute will be googling for dating sites that cater to it, and if you are not on that website, you lose out!
  3. Join new groups or clubs. In other words, get out there and do stuff! Don’t go just to meet someone. Go only if you are truly interested in wine tasting, Victorian novels, or home improvement. While you are there, tasting, conversing about literature, or learning how to apply tape to drywall, you may in fact meet someone very interesting indeed.
  4. Throw a party. There’s nothing like entertaining to put the twinkle back in your eyes, and the eyes of all the friends you invite, too. Send out a lot of invitations and be sure everyone on your list knows that their single friends are more than welcome!
  5. Set your intentions AND make a list of goals. (Check out last week’s blog.) Spend some time now, and every week when you can, reinforcing how you intend to be in the new year, and what your dating goals are. Then, both through visualization and action, make it happen!

And remember you don’t have to do this alone. Dating coaches are great resources for you. We can advise you about creating effective online profiles, help you set attainable goals, and encourage and guide you through the whole meeting/dating process. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed as 2013 draws to a close, consider setting up an initial meeting with me or another dating coach who can be in your corner. Happy New Year! Go forth and jumpstart a joyful 2014!


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